The Wedding Side Job

Second Shooting


What is second shooting? If you’re not familiar with photographer lingo I’m sure youre asking your self that exact question. Second shooting is helping another photographer with a session and/or a wedding.  It is also in my opinion a great way to establish yourself, and get more familiar with your craft.

I was given the honor to tag along and second shoot for a very talented local photographer for this beautiful wedding that is featured on this blog. The featured wedding was one of my first chances at second shooting, I had been very eager to second shoot for a while. So I was very honored that Celia trusted me with this job! 

While I am second shooting I will get the chance to work beside and learn from many other talented photographers. Not to mention I’m getting to see how other photographers work their magic in the flesh, not just hear about it!!  I will learn how they run their show, and do what I love doing all at the same time. That to me is worth it all!!

If you don’t know, now you will, I am pretty much a self taught photographer. I have learned mostly through trial and error and through some advice from other photographers. Second shooting is allowing me to learn so much from not only observing very talented photographers but from working ALONG with them!

Observing other photographers will be great for my work flow for my own weddings. I am confident that taking on second shooting will allow me to give my future wedding clients an even better experience than they already get. Yay for being able to grow my business adventures all while I’m learning from the best.

I am beyond thrilled to say that I have now had the pleasure of second shooting for a few different weddings. This is all apart of my dream job! I just have to say it, I am SOOOO blessed to be able to follow my dreams. I love being able to fulfill my days doing what I love!

I have to say, Thank you to all my past, present and future clients, also thanks to all the talented photographers who have and will trust me to represent their brand and hire me on as a second shooter.


Below are some pictures from the wedding I talked about. I worked along side Celia Zou Photography. Some poses below were set up by her, and I helped Celia capture those poses. She is graciously allowing me to use these for my blog and portfolio. I absolutely love weddings and I can not wait to take on more of my own, and to second shoot as often as I can.

If you're interested in hiring me on as a second shooter, or as your photographer I would love to chat. My email address is


Matt and Tess you had a BEAUTIFUL wedding.


*All photographs above are shot and edited by Ashley Scott, Photographer for Ans Photography.

Sexy, Pregnant, and in the RAIN.

My beautiful friend Kelsey let me take her outside and take these gorgeous pictures of her IN THE RAIN!!!

Thank goodness for crazy NC weather.  That’s probably the only time I’ll say that!  It was 65ish and rainy/ humid that day. What was crazy about it is NC had snow just 3 days prior.

Kelsey and I had originally planned to transform my room into a small quick studio that day, but since it was rainy we decided it was going to be too dark in my room to continue with our original plans.  We were sitting on my front porch swing listening to and enjoying the rain when I blurted out the crazy idea we should shoot this session in the rain! Not really to my surprise she was up for the fun and crazy challenge. She loves being spontaneous so I figured she would be up for it.  Plus I have a pretty big semi private yard that sits at the end of a cul-de-sac surrounded by woods so privacy wasn’t really going to be an issue for us. As soon as Kelsey said, “UH YEAH, LETS DO IT!”, We raced into the house got ready and ran outside to shoot this session before the rain stopped.

Sadly, the rain had slowed down when we got out there but there was still a drizzle. So once again we went with the flow.  Kelsey, was such a breeze to photograph and embraced her inner model for me. Pretty sure we laughed or giggled the whole time we did this session. The first set of pictures we did was in front of a tree I have in my back yard. They were good, but just not everything I was going for. Then it hit me! I have this random oil(?) container off to the side of my house that I’ve been dying to utilize in a session. So I of course sent her over there and man let me tell you it lived up to my dreams!

Kelsey went over there, probably slightly confused as to where I was going with this. She stands there but gets poked by the leaves. She tries to move some branches out of the way and I stop her and say, “NOOOOOO! We NEED them in the shot!!”  AH, the stuff you do for amazing shots.  She bears with it because she trusted me and my vision.  Kelsey stood there and struck a few poses for me, you know channeling her inner model. But don’t worry I didn’t torcher her too long to get that shot. Maybe 5 minutes or so? It sounds way worse than it actually was. I called her over to me and we looked in awe at what we had done. We were both so excited looking at the back of my camera!

This session was a more of a “laid back” boudoir session. I say laid back because it wasn’t just sexy shots to accentuate her body. Let me just say boudoir doesn’t have to be in sexy lingerie and does not have to have risqué types of poses. You can be in a comfy sweater and knee high socks lounging around on the couch too! The boudoir sessions I offer are to help find your inner beauty.  These types of sessions are what every woman of every size and shape deserves, to feel not just sexy but beautiful AND confident.

Kelsey deserved this session so much. She has been through too much to name these past few years. If you don’t personally know me or her, Kelsey is very special to me. She has been in my life and has been my friend since elementary school days. I am truly honored that I was able to help her feel confident and beautiful.

Kelsey, thanks for letting me photograph you and letting my creativity flow while doing so! It was good for both our souls.

Head on over to my facebook page to join my VIP boudoir group to see future and past sessions.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us!

The Journey to our website Begins.

Welcome to our new website. We are currently under construction. As we perfect everything feel free to browse around and check back periodically to see what is new on the site. I plan to add an about me section, so you can get to know your photographer. I also plan on adding a section specifically for portfolio, investments and products that I now offer. I cant wait to get everything up and running so you can see all the new stuff we are offering and doing!! Please continue to grow with us. For now check out our first of many blogs by going under menu and clicking blog. Below is one of pictures featured on our newest and very first little blog.

This little set up was GORGEOUS. Plus this couple was so in love.