About Me


I’m an enthusiastic photographer who loves her job. I’m always up to get creative and style some sessions. 

My website is under construction currently. I’m trying to get it up and running so please be patient with me. Over the next few weeks my site will be changing periodically as I add stuff to it.

Hi, I am Ashley! When you see me, you will more than likely see an Iced Caramel Macchiato, or a camera in my hands! Those are two of my favorite things, other than God and my family of course.

Some fun facts about me:
I like a little bit of coffee with my sugar and cream. I Have 2 kids, a boy, Joseph and a girl, Lillian. I’m married to my best friend, Joe. I am fun sized, and very clumsy. If I’m at a photoshoot with you, you will more than likely see me trip or fall at least once. I love to laugh and love to have FUN at sessions. My favorite color is pink

I would say I’ve dreamed about photography since I got my first point and shoot camera in Middle school. But I didn’t get a DSLR until 2014ish. I started out like a lot of photographers, just a hobbyist. I started taking pictures of my son and then friends and the next thing I know I have a small business of my dreams. I am beyond blessed to say the least.

I’ve been shooting professionally at least 4 years now.

I am mostly self taught. I did take a photography course my senior year in high school at a community college. I love to attend and plan styled shoots. They are where I can get the most creative! I’ve learned a lot from other photographers and I’ve learned a ton of reading and researching. I would say practicing my craft has helped too. 😉

I absolutely love to create and document memories for all my clients! If you’re interested in a session for yourself or a loved one and are in Morganton or anywhere else between Asheville and Charlotte, feel free to browse our site or contact me to book a session!