January 21st, 2018

I attended a meet up with other local photographers to join in on what’s called a shootout. A shootout is when many photographers get together and photograph a stylized photoshoot, most of the time shootouts include models as well. Fayetteville, NC is FULL of local photographers with many talents.  I was so happy we could all enjoy some community over competition. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say all of us had a blast, including the models.

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My goal in this shootout was to get out of my little bubble I am in and really learn and try new stuff.  I believe I reached all my goals.  The slide show above are a FEW of the many photographs I took. I can not wait to have the time to edit more of them. Once I do I’ll be sharing some of those as well!

To view a behind the scenes video go to our facebook page.


**A special thanks to all the photographers and models involved in getting this shootout accomplished. It is deeply appreciated by many of us. I personally can not wait until the next one it was so good for my soul!!**