Breastfeeding Portraits

Nursing portraits

There is nothing more special then the bond you and your baby share while nursing.

Nourishing a baby is natural, it’s so amazing what our bodies are capable of.  If you or someone you know are breastfeeding I strongly encourage you to capture this milestone in your/their life. One major reason I decided to offer breastfeeding portraits, is because I too used to nurse my sweet babies. I regret not having professional portraits of that milestone in our life. I don’t want anyone to regret not having this special time captured in their life. I believe fed is best, but breastfeeding does hold a special place in my heart. With that being said I do offer portraits of you nourishing your baby, by bottle or breast.


One hour long session, 16 high resolution edited images, One 16×20 Heirloom quality print and a Print Release


45 minute long session, 10 high resolution edited images, 2 Heirloom quality 8×10 prints, comes with a Print Release


30 minute long session, 8 high resolution edited images, and a print release



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