What we offer

Hi, Are you having a wedding soon and need a photographer? Look no further! As your photographer I strive to make your day memorable. I will capture all the little details, all the special moments between the Bride and Groom, and even those fun candid photos that most people seem to forget about. You tell me what’s important to you and I will do my absolute best to capture those things.

Bride and Groom portraits are probably some of my favorite images to capture during a wedding. But I seem to love getting in my own element and capture those small little details that most people don’t even see or remember. You see most things from your special day only last that one day, or maybe even a few days, but your wedding portraits can last a life time. Wedding photography should be one of your most important things on your to do list. The cake most people obsess over gets ate, or thrown out the night of, the bouquets might get dried and kept, but for the most part people toss them. Even your wedding dress gets worn pretty much only one time then gets stored away or sold. Wedding photographs you can put out on display forever. You can print an album to look at forever. You can print a big portrait to put above your mantle. You see, wedding photographs never get old. It is very important to choose a photographer who will give you what you want and who will offer you great products as well to print out your images, so you can see them forever.

Below is a sample of some recent weddings I’ve done. Please email If you have any questions. I would love to answer them.